Aliens, aboard their UFOs, want to invade Earth. It’s quickly realized that as UFOs and Aliens are immune to conventional weapons, they are sensitive to the population’s feelings. Thus, the more humans are happy and the more UFOs tend to… Explode. So how to make people happy when they see UFOs coming down to land?

By sending fireworks, of course! ^^

As to the nature of the game Fireworks Command Ship, it is an arcade color match game (at least for its main gameplay), where the player who is the pilot of the FCS remotely send fireworks of colors to match the colors of the UFOs lifebars to make humans happy and therefore explode UFOs before they land with invading Aliens.

Fireworks Command Ship will make many references to films (Encounter of the 3rd kind, Star Wars, Independence Day…), series (Space 1999, Star Trek…) and video games (mainly Space Invaders, but also XCOM…) on the subject of alien invasions, while being based on humor.

To sum up, Fireworks Command Ship is an easy to learn, hard to master arcade game with fun gameplay where you have to throw fireworks to make people happy to explode UFOs!


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